Monday, March 2, 2009

Rock N Roll

Dewey surprised me with Fleetwood Mac tickets! We leave tomorrow for St.Paul. I am SOOO very excited. I have always wanted to see them in concert. I love this about Dewey , he loves concerts and he loves music....all kinds. Some I won't mention...but he tells me he is a "Big boy". Mostly I like his taste, it is a little bit of everything.Except country.
Dewey says "This is your day honey, tell me when we leave & where we are stopping" He asked if Ikea is on the list. Usually yes, but we will skip that place this time. Maybe a couple second hand stores. Maybe Rue 21. I like to get M&M panties there. TMI - I know, but it's true, they have a huge bin, they come in every color and style. There is 50 different kinds and every pair is 99 cents. They are pretty too.

Love Jennifer

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