Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call me Mya

I am going to be a grandma! Baby will be here around February 11th Auntie Maddison's birthday :) I am excited and will be redecorating a babies room very soon.

love Mya (grandma)


We are babysitting for the winter , my niece Zuzu's dog, Jenna
She is a sweetheart. (probably more like 6 years)
I cannot say that I am a animal lover, I am a animal tolerator. Dewey wants a cat and dog, when Jenna became homeless Dewey said we need to take her in. She is a sweetie and I am beginning to love her. She is very very well mannered, which helps right? She has a history of abuse and has been hit by a car two or three times - before Zuzu adopted her. I find that I can love her even more because of her background. We have an appointment at the doggy salon next Saturday. She will look more beautiful after a bath.

The Vikings Vs The Ravens

I painted their faces while we were driving...and mine too.

My sweet husband sure likes football and what does he likes more than football? His wife cheering and talking the lingo and of course wearing purple pride. Dewey and I went to a game at the Dome this fall, we brought the boys. Kaine and Pdawg. We had fun, the stadium was roaring with the fans, we were cheering (and losing our voices doing so) we were having 7$ hot dogs and 9$ was a BLAST! this was Pdawg's first game, he asked Dewey to bring him. Dewey jumped on the chance so we all headed down to the dome.

This fall Parker joined the Spartans youth football. I do not know who was more excited, Dewey or Parker. Actually I know who was, Dewey. He came to every game and yelled and cheered (always for both teams) There were times when Parker made a tackle or ran with the ball to the end zone Dewey actually got tears ion his eyes....a proud papa :) and I a proud mama. We were so happy Parker tried something new. We do not knowif it'll be his gig next year but we sure had fun watching him and I think Pdawg had fun too.

House of J

The table I made looks great with the new slate floor!

I since added a bulliten board I made to this wall. The shelves came with the house and display my bowls beautifully.

Wow three months have passed! I have so much to say but have been busy with work, kids, Dewey and now making over the house. We moved in 17 months ago and it is finally feeling like 'mine'. I have finally put a Puddin' touch on the house. Dewey was sent off to the shack for a ten day stint in the woods, i no longer said goodbye to him, threw him a kiss and cracked open the sweet looking colors to start painting.
I started with the most annoying...all around the counters and cabinets. A gorgeous golden/mustard yellow. The fist night around 2am I thought a made a grave mistake, by morning and 10 more cups of coffee I loved it. I have an awesome chocolate brown on the opposite wall and into the dining and living room. I painted one wall a rusted red/orange Love that!
Dewey knew while he was off catching his buck his little doe will be painting and redecorating. He said when he left "honey, forgive me now, cuz afeter ten days in the woods I will not notive the decorating I will jsut notice you!" Oh, Yeah! thats exactly what he did. ....and later that day he said he was happy I put my touch on things.

Love Jen