Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Apostle Island Ice Caves

The kids and I went
with the Adventure Group through church to the Apostle Island Ice Caves.

Maddison mentioned she wanted to go with a friend, I figure we should go as a family instead. Another bonding moment. I find it harder to get us all together, doing something we all enjoy. Two teen girls and an active sporty 12 year old boy....it takes some creativity. We were to meet at the church at 9:30 am last Saturday. I told everyone to get their stuff and be in the car by 8:45am sharp! I wanted to stop for donuts and coffee.

I have a rule "no micro managing the children" even if it kills me..and sometimes it does. It was 32 degrees and sunny but breezy. Nice day, yes but still winter and we are spending the day on Lake Superior in ice caves. So what do my children wear? tennis shoes, no hats, no gloves!!! Yes we are tough - we can handle the cold and outdoors but come on .....I park the car and walk over to the van waiting for us to carpool together, I peek in and everyone else is dressed for winter-snow pants-boots-hats-everything you would expect. I took a deep sigh and prayed for patience. We arrived to the south shore an hour later.

We truck on down to the lake and instantly we were in this new beautiful world. We walk a well worn path to the caves along the shore line. We saw the most beautiful ice and rocks - we thought we would not see anything more beautiful then
we would turn another corner along the jagged shore and see another one of God's beautiful creations. Here are some photos of our day. We came home 'bonded' tired and hungry. I enjoyed to spend time with the kids and watching them laugh and smile. It was a very good day
And the kids were just fine- a little cold but - just fine. (I bought extra gloves)
Love Jennifer

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