Friday, January 22, 2010

Pdawg is now a teenager!

Parker Thomas James Segel, born December 29 , 1996. These pics are from his birthday week. We had homemade pizza, lots of cake, he received some Kickapoo present & he boarded just about 12 hours a day during Christmas vacation. will a teenage boy be easier than the girls? I hope so, cuz those girls were tough!

Five Generations

I posted earlier that we are having a baby, not me but in our family. The latest addition will be Winry . I can hardly believe it, my little girl , Macy will be a momma very soon. Less than twenty days! Above is a picture of five generations. Macy - with Winry. Myself - the grandma. My mother- great grandma. My mothers mother- great great grandma. Wow! Macy can hardly wait to have all five in the picture. I can hardly wait to have that little baby in my arms.

The Troll Hole

I wanted to show my love, appreciation and I wanted to deposit in our 'relationship' account, a huge sum. So what did I do? I created a Troll Hole for my husband. It was News Years weekend, my brother was staying the week. And what do the Johnson's do when their creative juices flow...they go go go! Al - The professor and I created this room for Dewey, a place where he can have his privacy, a place where he can veg , listen to music, take it easy, read & watch the game. After painting a dark blue stripe, we lined the wall with black and white images of his favorite things. Hunting, fishing, buffalo, football , Marvel comics and music. We hung a new flat screen on the wall, installed a surround sound, put in a big comfy chair, a fridge stocked with 'man food' after two very full days of planning, shopping, painting, tearing down and setting up we were ready!

Dewey was on his way home, had no idea and we surprised him.

He says every thing he has is ours, but I truly want him to have a place, a spot a room. He gave up much much more than any of us. Sure the kids have to share their mom , but really they were ready for that. He gives us everything without asking anything in return.

love ya, you are the best

jumping, running, burning, loving

Dewy is so cute, he asked to take in these 'stray' animals. Jenna the Siberian husky- most lovable dog ever! & her side kick Nola, our black Cat. Although it was two months in between adoptions- that's how long it took us to decide for sure on the cat. Sure, I like pets (I just typed pests-funny -Freudian slip) but I can certainly live without them..very easily in fact.
Although I did grow up with dogs, cats, goats, pigs, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds..pretty much anything we came home with, we could keep. A little bit about these pets (there I go again, I just typed pests again)

Jenna is a quiet dog and a bit nervous. She is somewhat obedient & when she is not she gets away with things because she is so sweet & looks up at you with those beautiful blue puppy dog eyes. She naturally is a lover & is very loyal. Kitty is sweet and cuddly and talks a lot in the morning to us. I kind of have this idea that it is good for the family & we - as parents- should give our kids this expedience, being pet owners.

I have decided to put my foot down early and firm. I need help! Well, I put my foot down after a meltdown I had. I need help! I cried, as my family watched me throw a fit like a two year old. I insisted on a plan. I saw way way too many mothers carry the load. Sure every ones wants a dog, cat, bird, goat, rabbits and hamsters...but who will be responsible for them....eventually the mother. I know I know there is my responsibly to be in charge, I am the parent. Don't enable them, be firm, stick to the rules. But you know how it is, it happens so fast. Next thing you know - I am doing it all. Now we have Pdog walking her every day after school. I walk her after work and Macy and Dewey walk her when they are around (their schedule is a little more complicated) and we have a minimum of one half hour per person. O, Yes & I asked Dewey to be the litter box guy. sweet!

So this little incident was funny to me when I heard about it, Dewey on the other hand took a couple days to laugh at himself, then when he did he roared!

First off , I was so proud of myself for planning a meal. I threw some meatballs in the crock pot and added a bottle of bar b q sauce. Not bad, make some potatoes after work...sounds terrific. Easy , good meal. I thought about it, really wanted this to be ready for Pdog and decided to set it on high, I wanted it ready for Pdog after school. He can make the potatoes and Dewey will have a great supper too. I had a meeting after work, I got home at 8pm and I found Dewey 'pouting' in the bedroom. He came home from an extremely hard days work with Parker jumping off the banister to trip and wrestling and fight him, Jenna and Nola racing out of the house down the street (there is that 'somewhat' obedient) & a crock of burnt bar b q meatballs. I started to smirk and was trying really really hard to be consoling and thoughtful to his needs. He could see I was holding my lip down by my teeth and the corners of my mouth popping up while my eye brows and head cocked just enough to look concerned. (that lasted all of two minutes) it was quit a fiasco! Dewey ended up in the truck looking for the dog and cat. (after taking a shower and letting off some steam- the night ended with me coming home to the most loving man I know...and funny too

I love you Dewey. You make me smile