Saturday, May 9, 2009

One funny day at the Hauck home

Maddy and I ran to the mother day garage sales. We ate donuts and had coffee while bonding over treasures found in other peoples junk. We raced home to get Maddy ready for the prom. around 1:00 pm I cleaned up the grill , took out the pork chops from the deep freeze and lit the briquettes. I ran Maddy to the salon at 1:45 to get her hair done. I stop at the corner meat market for milk and decided to treat Dewey and I to Fillet Mignon. I came back around 2:30 - Dewey is now awake and on his way to work out in the garage ( I try to take a peek at his guns) I put the pork chops and steak on the grill. Dewey and I caught up on the day while he gets ready for work and we eat lunch. At 4:00 I decide to take out the clippers and cut Dewey's hair. MMM I love it short. He looks sooo good! At 4:15 Maddy calls , her dates truck ran out of gas. I finish up the hair - quickly- it looks pretty darn good - If I may say so myself. I cruise with the gas can only to find that his truck's 'gas tank' is a gas can jimmied to the motor (kind of like my dads farm truck) We give it gas and run to our house to take prom pre pics. Just three blocks from the house, I run out of gas in the Taurus! Can you believe it! Dewey can hardly believe it, "Oh, Lucy" The kids leave after photos , Dewey heads to work. I head out with the can , get the car. I also spend the afternoon washing Jeepers Jenny, taking in an episode of the Closer, changing the laundry over, making bars, ask Macy to cancel her concert plans, catch up with my mother, ate the bars.

Dewey calls me Lucy when I do silly things , like snort when I laugh, or toss around to get comfortable while he is trying to whisper sweet things in my ear. I'm Lucy when I have 'blonde moments' like the time when Carol made banana split cake and I say "wow , this is great, it taste like a banana split!" then Carol sweetly says, honey, that's why it's called banana split cake, or like earlier today when I recalled a story of Dewey and I quote Dewey saying, "before I met you I was just a lonely old man, with a clean car and that car ALWAYS had gas" Dewey looks me in the eye and says honey, I never said I was OLD. We laughed (I snorted) until we almost peed our pants. "Oh, Lucy"

My question I this gorgeous, long legged Lucy or the silly , crazy, wild Lucy girl??
This Lucy (Puddin') is loved either way. Always, Jennifer