Monday, March 2, 2009

In God's Country.

My darling husband and I set out Saturday for a date in God's country. I packed my lipstick, put on a couple layers of lounge pants, and grabbed my pink Stormy Kromer and we set out for Mahtowa to get on the sleds. When we got to the end of the in-laws drive Dewey gave me the Cadillac of the two - how sweet is that? It was below zero and sunny. We were headed to Kettle River. As I followed him I was in awe of the beautiful nature. The trees were all trimmed with white snow. As we were winding through the woods I had a smile on my face one because the sled Dewey traded me for was pulling him all over the trail and two It is fun to play with Dewey. Before we left Carol asked Dewey if he was taking me to lunch at the new bar and grill in Kettle River. So I was also thinking how hungry I was for a burger and a beer. I was hoping he grabbed his wallet. There was a two mile bumpy stretch that nearly put me to sleep. I was like an infant being bounced around. I was very happy when he pulled into the grill.I am so blessed to have him in my life. I took the lead after lunch and saw so much wildlife- a dozen deer or so, we stopped and watched them prance through the woods. I stopped to watch a porcupine 15 feet in up in a tree and I stopped to take a closer look at a partridge bouncing around a small bush. We put on 60 miles. It was a beautiful day in God's Country and a day full of fun and laughter with my husband.

Love Jennifer

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