Saturday, March 14, 2009

My new dining room table

When my mom and dad put on a new front door to their home I knew I needed to take the original door.

My dad made that door 40 years ago!

I now have a dining room table made from this awesome door. I left everything original (for now anyway)

I took off the hinges and handle. Macy has them displayed in her room. I took off one layer of poly and used 4x4 posts for the legs. I will - someday - refinish the entire table. For now I am enjoying it just the way it's was made by my looks great in my house.

Parker knew I was searching for months for the perfect chairs. He spotted a pile of chairs on a trailer outside a local restaurant that was being remodeled. For sale! Awesome find PDog. $2.20 each! I had the truck this weekend and we piled them in. I called my mom and brother "Any one need chairs?" I bought 28 chairs that day. I kept 12. I spent another three weeks looking for the perfect material to cover these chairs. I found some gorgeous chocolate brown material with embossed leaves and flowers. They turned out so Cute! I love my table

The funny part of finding the chairs was that Dewey was being dropped off by his buddy Hollywood that day. Hollywood just happened to be 'complaining' about his wife coming home with junk. Rummage sales- junk sales...etc Dewey was telling Hollywood " Jen really doesn't do that" just as they turn the corner to our home, Hollywood smiled when he saw 28 chairs lined in the drive. Dewey shakes his head "that's my 'puddin"

Love Jennifer

I know I know...the carpet is bad! Look beyond it...I do.
I will show you later when we rip it out...It will be a few months. The question is should it be before the grad party in June?

The rest of the house is great- it has been an empty canvas. I like that.

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