Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Fire August 18, 2009

Johnson's Stables 1200 South Oak Street Cloquet Minnesota

This is a land mark, our homestead, my dad grew up here , built my childhood home and went into business for himself.

My father and mother have lived a very simple life, where material things were not important and family was everything. My dad , over 40 years ago had this itty bitty trailer house and each time he had a child he added onto the trailer - and one time added upwards.
My dad and mom taught us how to work hard and love family. This was truly a home. My dad is an eccentric, unique artist in his own right. He built us an awesome tree house, swing set and life on this hobby farm. He gave sleigh rides in the winter and hayrides in the fall and trail rides in between.
When his grandchildren were born he created a yard full of fun. With tree houses and go carts and vegetable gardens and swing sets , all made with his own two hands a lots of love.
Sure my mother felt crazed at times, but this was who Howard was....don't buy it- make it- don't throw it - fix it. He was an old timer that always told us that he should have dirt floors and one day he will die with his boots on.
My mother, his right hand women, supported and loved him and worked her butt off too. She too, had shown all of us how to love, give and how to serve others first.

Frankly, besides a few memorabilia items and photos albums it is the home my dad and mom created for us that I will miss, nothing it it.....but the memories and creativeness and history we have had there for over forty years. Their legacy is not will remain.

Thank you mom and dad , we love you and glad you are safe.

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