Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Fine Mess I Got Us Into August 7, 2009

I can say that I do not ask for a lot - I feel I am pretty easy going and do not insist on anything 'my way' but there is this annually kayak trip in August that I have wanted to go on for two years. I asked Dewey "Honey, I do not ask you for much, but please ask for mid August off" He says sure and in January asks for this week off. August approaches before we know it and neither of us has set our fannys in a kayak...well I did take a four hour class through community ed.

don't tell anyone but I have this extreme fear of water.

We head out from Red Cliff near Bayfield Wisconsin. We paddled an enjoyable scenic 6 miles to Oak Island. With two - three foot swells. We spent two nights with three other couple with good food (shish kabobs - Pizza over the fire-great big breakfasts and great coffee) and good fellowship- and much needed time alone with my sweetie.

We hiked 5k to an overlook on the island - where we saw ten of the Apostle Islands.

We made it, I am so proud and so happy to accomplish this with my best friend and husband.

We will sign up again .....soon
I am hooked, Love Jennifer

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