Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wonder Women

I feel Like Wonder Women! Dewey and I just ran Fitgers 5K this morning. I feel great and my biggest supporter is a fantastic coach. Secretly I think Dewey got some tips from Jillian from the Biggest Loser (don't tell anybody but he looks forward to Tuesday evenings)

We headed down town this morning. Most roads were closed so we ended up parking several blocks away. It was 8:54 and with the gun going off at 9 WE BETTER RUN! I think I ran a 6K.

It feels good to challenge yourself. I spent several months thinking of exercising. I was proud of myself for wanting to feel better. Then I spent a couple more on the WII Fit. Two weeks ago Dewey said "Honey, are we gonna do this or what?" Absolutely Baby! I started my training. Would I be doing this if Dewey was not giving me a little push and big encouragements? I don't really know, maybe not. But I do enjoy the companionship and how he challenges me. You hear people say "He makes me a better person" then you want to 'gag' but really it feels good to be challenged by someone who loves you and wants the best for you.

I expect a challenge from him and I sometimes (most of the time :) expect him to know when it is a good time to challenge me.

Take last year, my very first 5K. We had stayed up the entire evening before -waiting for a teenage daughter to come home- we find out around 6:30am she had been in a car accident. We were still in our honeymoon stage, 7 months in. Dewey certainly never thought to be anything but supportive. We picked Maddy up at the Highway Patrol Department. The car had rolled three times, the deputy informed us "She is lucky to be alive" We were shook up to say the least. We sent up many blessings thanking God for keeping her safe but we knew very well we needed a healthy way to express our feelings (kids!! Yikes!!) so we took off for the Fitgers 5K.

I was exhausted! Half way I was already gassed It felt like I had lead feet! Dewey was giving me a lot of "come on baby" and "you go girl" but I just looked at him like he was the enemy-I wanted him to be quiet but I was too tired to tell him. (that look you give while giving birth - that look that says "You are gonna pay!!!") I wanted to punch him, I wanted to cry, I wasn't sure if it was because I was finishing this race and proud of myself or that I was a mother of a teenager and just wanted to cry. (or that Dewey did not know his cheers were not working today)

I finished!!! Yeah! He was very proud of me.

This year I asked him to cheer me on the last 3 - 4 blocks. I looked over and flashed my biggest fan my biggest smile!! I love him and I am glad we are a team. Dewey is solid

Love Lots Jennifer

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