Monday, April 20, 2009

Dollar Dance

When Dewey and I were planning our wedding we both agreed very quickly that we would not have a 'Dollar Dance' We hired this fantastic band The Pot Bellied Stallions to play all night. We wanted a party not a typical northern Minnesotan wedding dance. (not that anything is wrong with that) Boy did we ever have a great party! The dance floor was full all night and after we left the guests talked the band into staying longer.

We went on to our honey moon cabin up north. (wait until you hear about the honey moon) Of course we spent a lot of time reminiscing about the wedding and we were all pumped up about recalling funny moments and different guests and all that good stuff. Well, during our conversations I say "Honey that was the best wedding reception ever! Everybody had so much fun, people danced all night and we didn't have a crazy dollar dance with the DJ searching for another set of slow songs and playing bands like Foreigner and stuff"

He looks over and said "Honey, our first dance was Foreigner" "What?" (remove foot from mouth) The song was nice, a surprise to me until they asked the newlyweds to come out to the dance floor. Truly I don't remember the song as much as I do the dance with Dewey. They played waiting for a girl like you.

Dewey shakes his head ...."O, Lucy'


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