Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jeepers Jenny

Just 12 days left before Jeepers Jenny comes out for the season! I am stoked!
Any one who knows me can confirm that material things do not matter to me. Oh sure, I like fun things and cool clothes and decorating my house - but I love deals like second hand stores , garage sales and Goodwill to find those treasures like jeans and dressers and mirrors and tables and boots and get the picture right? Any way, back to Jeepers Jenny - my 1997 Convertible Mustang GT. With about 22K on it.

This car was Dewey's for nearly 11 years before this sunshine walked into his life.

I remember the first time I ever met Dewey. He was at Tim's house watching the game. I had photos of Tyson, Tim's son. I thought what a perfect excuse to meet this mystery man,Dewey. So I walked into the house (right passed Jeepers Jenny- I never remember seeing the car-I was so excited to see Dewey) introduced myself to Dewey and chatted a few minutes and left. For those of you who do not know the story it took another 7 months for him to call me and see me for the second time. He was a bit nervous.

Fast forward 14 months...Dewey asks me if I want to see his car , the one he was driving that day we first met. I told him I had no idea what he was driving. He told me I walked right past it when I came into Tim's house. We walked into the garage and there sat the cutest little Mustang convertible. I do not remember AT ALL! But it sure looks nice!

Next thing I knew.... it was mine.....a perfect engagement present :) and my car was his. A 1994 Toyota Corolla (Speed Buggy) with about 197K on it, respectfully. What a guy! That is what I am saying - I was driving this tin can around and still would be if I did not get this great car from this great man who takes great care of me. He says he was impressed with the fact that I noticed him and not his car. That's me.. I was blessed with Jeepers Jenny- I love it! I feel like a princess in it - it is fun- I have a HUGE smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel. I drive too fast, have my shades on and the music blasting. We still have the Toyota.

Dewey always says "I always wanted to share this car with someone" "I am glad to see you in it, you deserve it"

Thanks Honey!
Love , Jennifer

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