Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doctor Delicious and St. Valentine

Look what the doctor gave me for
St. Valentines Day.

I think it is lovely to get candy , flowers and a card on this day.

Dewey surprised me with a bear that sang (wild thing) and dances. It was on the counter Friday morning, right by my coffee.

When I looked in my purse later that morning I found candy and a card.

At work I was showered with a dozen long stem roses- very beautiful.

Saturday February 14th I found a big red heart shaped box on the counter and supper ready when I got home. Yum and very sexy when a man cooks.

(we ate ravioli and cheesy bread, the same meal Dewey made me on our first Valentines, when he thought I broke his heart, well if he said I broke it I must have. ...still I will tell you later about it. I think I am ready to laugh about it now :)

We exchanged cards and loved each other up. Dewey really makes me feel special, like a queen and very beautiful. He is a gentleman, he is thoughtful and loving :)

I will explain DD sometime , all I know is that he puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Happy Valentines Day
Love Jennifer

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