Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fast Car

This morning I find comfort in a phone call from Dewey, he was at work and when I answered the phone he opened up into the song. "Wise men say...Elvis Presley. My face beamed as I sighed thinking "If we can't do it no one can"

The evening before I called my husband, letting him know I am on my way home, he should get in the shower cuz "I'm taking you out!" We do not make plans on the weekdays- Dewey works 12 hours, I put in 8-10, the girls have been challenging- Pdog needs our encouragement to get homework done.
But we really needed some time to ourselves, this parenting has became pretty miserable lately. I walked in only to find him still in his work clothes chatting it up with our oldest. I listened at the door for a moment , he was expressing his love and concern for her. I am always impressed with his love for these children.

I have to find a bar and grill that will let him in the door.(he was dirty from work) I choose the Anchor Bar. Dewey's eyes are tired and I think he may cry. I know he is here to stay but I wonder how much regret he has. Without going into detail I will say...we are parenting two teenage (boy crazy) girls(need I say more?) and we have this twelve year old boy who thinks I brought home a friend for him not a husband /father.

Parker waits by the door and jumps on Dewey. Any given day he has a Nerf gun, football, hacky sac...something to show him, some guy thing that usually includes farting an burping.

Dewey says often "I only wanted the kids to like me, but I have to parent these children!" We laugh about it

But it is a shock to his system, it is easy to think it is easy for him. He makes it look easy. He is calm and rational, he is loving and kind. He is now telling me his dreams of getting on the highway to drive home from work but instead he keeps on driving. I listen to my husband over a burger and a beer. He tells me his fears and disappointments with parenting. He did not think it would be like this. This too shall pass

We are a family whether or not he was here for two years or all 18. Our wedding scripture was 1 Corinthians 13 - The Love Chapter. I have seen this in Dewey over and over. Dewey and I have built such a strong foundation in our relationship. Had we not - this would hurt us. We also have a to rely on God. We need Him to get through daily life. It is a beautiful thing and that is why we can rest our heads at night.

When we kiss each other good night Dewey says "Thanks for listening" "Of course" I say " I love you"


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