Monday, February 9, 2009

Gone Fishing

Why is it easier to clean when the men are away? I was not so thrilled early one in our marriage when Dewey left for hunting or fishing. I remember the first trip hunting opener - just weeks after our wedding. We had just tied the knot late September. I was so lonely and missed him so much, he even came home one night - He went to town to call me but instead kept driving-very sweet surprise.

So this last Sunday Dewey left for ice fishing- 16 months after our wedding- I didn't marry a fishermen that can't bring home the fish."Don't throw 'em back I yelled as I blew him a kiss goodbye"
(I just do not understand the catch and release thing)

The door barely shut behind him and I started cleaning - not just the regular stuff but that deep cleaning. I jacked up the Bose sound dock and put on the coffee - Very Strong

I had all the paper stuff and built up mail spread out in piles all around the dining room. Pdog-Macy - Insurance-subscriptions-taxes-medical -garbage-recycling everything! I brought out a file box that I have been meaning to put to use.

I pulled out all the stuff in our kitchen drawers- decided we need a 'junk' drawer. I rearranged my closet. Straightened out the nightstands-cleaned the bathroom and laundry room. I washed EVERYTHING I could get my hands on - even my canvas (purses)bags. Maddy came home and questioned my decision on that one.

I scrubbed the floors and vacuumed every square inch of the horrific blue carpeting. We decided to wait on replacing that this first year. I did not stop until I dropped off about midnight then I got up this morning and started again. I made three pots of strong coffee throughout the morning , I cranked the tunes and went like mad.

I labeled the shelves in the laundry room - beach towels- extra linens- cleaning supplies. I labeled the shelves in the hall closet. craft supplies-cards and paper etc I filed more paper. I did more laundry and I loved it.

Dewey and the kids were gone and it was so easy and kind of fun to clean.

Dewey will be home Tuesday night - I hope we have fish for dinner :) and I hope he puts his stuff away when he gets home. I would like to enjoy the results of my work for the rest of the week at least.


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