Monday, November 24, 2008

Rock and Roll and get up for work

What do newly weds do on a Sunday night? We head for the Excel Energy Center to see AC/DC in concert. This is no Joss Stone concert by all means ( we saw her on our honey moon) . We got the perfect seats. Section 201 row 3 seats 1 and 2- That is at the very top and left of the stage. Good view - and easy on me with my claustrophobic issues. Dewey loved it, I enjoyed watching him, and we danced and yelled and did some major people watching.
Dewey is a rocker - I was glad he brought me- his guy friends all wanted to go - he said "No way, Puddin' is coming" sweet.
We talked about our different music genres growing up. We quickly noticed Dewey was a metal man and I listened to music with a 'message'. What I enjoyed most was hanging with my husband - sharing something that he enjoys so much. He plays a mean air guitar and I always say "If I put a real guitar in his hands he would be a natural" - I hope someday he will take guitar lessons he always wanted to take. We used this time catching up - we had a two hour car ride (on the way home I napped) we chatted about work, kids, thanksgiving dinner and what concert we will Google next...I vote for Bruce Springsteen. The good news...there were no messages from the kids...a smooth night back home. Yippee!!


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