Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bitter Sweet * Very Bitter

Dewey ask that I drop Speed Buggy off to get the tires rotated and the oil changed. This is a 1994 Toyota that Dewey inherited form me when we got married, I inherited Jeepers Jenny a 1997 black Mustang convertible -an engagement present- Sweet! Maddison and Macy essentially inherited a Ford F 150 from Dewey.

I decided to drop Speed Buggy off at the Walmart in Cloquet while I visit my mom and dad. I can't say that I LOVE Walmart but I find myself gravitating towards the store....I can find almost everything I am looking for and at a good price -right? so they say. It allows me to multi task.. I dropped the car off around 4:30, I updated my address and phone number and went on my way.
Three hours later - after a nice visit with my folks- I went to pick up my car, but they pulled my car from the work order 2 1/2 hours earlier. Tony, the young man that was working when I breezed in,explained to me he tried paging me four times. They needed a waiver signed before they started the work because the dipstick did not have oil on it. Before I knew it there were four 'Tire and Lube' employees gathered 'round telling me it was my fault I did not hear the page. I stuck to my guns (and used my patience and kind words) while insisting they should have called my cell phone- I was not in the building - they argued back - all four of them taking turns- insisting that I should have put it in the memo asking them to call my cell. Again I said, "You asked for my cell number, I gave it to you, you should have called!" "Did you think I was in groceries for 2 1/2 hours ignoring the page?" The manager responded "yes, that happens" and after my persuasion gave me a $25.00 gift card and asked that I come back in the morning.

I wasn't about to drive 36 miles round trip for an oil change so I stopped by MY local Walmart just three miles from home. Hey! I now had a gift card. This time I signed a waiver when dropping off the car and proceeded to go buy ingredients for my holiday baking. They give you this handy dandy card that you can swipe at any check out or price check centers through out the store, it tells you when your car is done. I kept checking it, my car was still in the shop after an hour I headed back to tire and lube, to see whats up...plenty of time to rotate tires and changed my oil. They pulled Speed Buggy from the work order again!
They did not page me! Did Cloquet call Superior??? I didn't ask - I was tired and wanted to go home and really...I don't like Walmart. Doug told me he could smell gas so they would not work on the car. I did not say a word! I pleasantly said Thank you and drove off.

Speed Buggy's tank can hold 6 gallons at a time, two days prior I put in 7 gallons. I spotted a Valvoline Center just outside the parking lot of Walmart. I walked in and told Justin, who greeted me at the door "I am a new customer and I am fed up with Walmart!" They were wonderful. They did not mind the gas fumes, or the fact that there was no oil on the dip stick and that the washer fluid dripped through the tank like a siv.

There will be those occasional trips to Walmart like when the kids need gym shorts in the morning or they will flunk phy-ed and they tell me at 10pm but Target and Superone is our families stores of choice.

Plus it's job security for Dewey...their biggest customer at the paper mill is Target Stores.
Please shop Target!!

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