Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The new rock that paves the gardens
In this picture you can see the pavers, now sold and replaced with rock, more natural looking
These pavers were sold , in one hour, made $47.00 whoot whoot!!

We are on our second summer in this house...I think, yes that sounds correct :) Dewey thought that I would love to garden, I tried a bit last year. He encouraged me all the time, he said that he would really enjoy the results, a pretty yard. I worked on one spot in the yard that the previous owners neglected. I laid out that paper stuff to keep weeds out. I figured , I am only trying this gardening out, I want to start easy. So then I covered it with new, beautiful , rich black dirt. Yikes, in about three days there were as many weeds as before. My mom says I got a bad batch, full of weeds. That was it for '09 . Now this summer something came over me, I think because I have less people here, with the girls out on there own and all. I really got into this, I took out the old pavers. I sold 'em in about an hour after posting them on Craigs List!
My Mom and Dad practically raise rock, they have lived on the same land for over 40 years and there is so much rock, I love rock! I hauled several truck loads. My dad got into it and was putting the rock aside for me...huge rock. I was buying plants and have about a dozen containers. I cut down an old tree (the poop tree) and really liking this. So then Dewey starts you needs more rock? how many more loads are you planning to get, honey? Dewey, sweetie, you encouraged me to garden and now I am. Sure he still encourages me but I think that he thinks - that's enough- guys they do not understand when enough is enough. So anyway I send my husband off to Canada for a week of fishing. I talked to him a bit before he left, stating I am in the mood to buy shrubs and plant trees in the yard, he kindly states, we have three girls and a boy to support, lets wait. Ok..I agree, with respect for him and our far do I really have to go?? I love him and kissed him good bye, I said I was glad we spoke. I knew very well that he would not say anything if I did not bring it up before he left and I went ahead and bought the shrubs and trees, but I am not happy unless we communicate, trust and share.

Love, deeply , madly, always Jen

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