Friday, January 22, 2010

The Troll Hole

I wanted to show my love, appreciation and I wanted to deposit in our 'relationship' account, a huge sum. So what did I do? I created a Troll Hole for my husband. It was News Years weekend, my brother was staying the week. And what do the Johnson's do when their creative juices flow...they go go go! Al - The professor and I created this room for Dewey, a place where he can have his privacy, a place where he can veg , listen to music, take it easy, read & watch the game. After painting a dark blue stripe, we lined the wall with black and white images of his favorite things. Hunting, fishing, buffalo, football , Marvel comics and music. We hung a new flat screen on the wall, installed a surround sound, put in a big comfy chair, a fridge stocked with 'man food' after two very full days of planning, shopping, painting, tearing down and setting up we were ready!

Dewey was on his way home, had no idea and we surprised him.

He says every thing he has is ours, but I truly want him to have a place, a spot a room. He gave up much much more than any of us. Sure the kids have to share their mom , but really they were ready for that. He gives us everything without asking anything in return.

love ya, you are the best

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