Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morson , Ontario Canada

Morson, Ontario Canada
fishing trip June 2009
Sportsmans Harbour

We headed up for a wonderful week at the cabin. Jack, Kain, Heath and Alec were waiting for us. It was an unusually windy week to begin with - 30 mph winds and rain with 52 degrees. Nothing could bring us down- we were together, away form home , in Gods Country. After 1 1/2 days of waiting we finally got out in the boat. We caught fish for a huge fish fry and we brought some home to share. Our mornings were filled with brewing coffee and making a big breakfast while watching the wildlife and planning our day. Our days consist of fishing. I guess what we plan is what book to bring on the boat (that would only be me) what will we have for supper (if the fish aren't biting) who will cook supper, what bait to use & what to pack for lunch on the boat.

It is fun to see Parker enjoying the lake - Dewey has a smile that comes only from watching his family sharing this with him. Jack & Carol have been coming to Sportsman's Harbour for 20 years.

I sent the boys out one day alone, while I laid in the hammock , caught up on my magazines, sipped on some tea & enjoyed the day....ahhh solitude in God's Country

Thanks sweetie for sharing your love of Canada, Lake of the Woods & fishing with us.

Love Jennifer

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