Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morson , Ontario Canada : two

We are back, yet another family fishing trip. I am very blessed. We met Julie, Joe, Zoey, Kain and of course grandpa (with Lydia and Kissa) at the cabin. We left Saturday morning bright and ugly. We packed four full days in with fishing.
Dewey and Jack LOVE fishing. They gave us a tour around Lake of the Woods, with stops at Pony Island, Miles Bay & Kains Spot.
Sure I like to fish &I like to catch rays & I like to snack in the boat & I like to chat & laugh. It is mostly about being with Dewey and Parker.
During one particular day I could not take my eye off this particular sand bar. It had an island on either side if it. I wondered on and off through out the day if it was a beach, it looked like a beach. I was dreaming of sipping Pina Colada and laying on the sand while reading a good book. My day dreams were interrupted by a bite on my line , me jumping up screaming yippee! and reeling in a big one. After several hours and our limit in the live well I ask Dewey if he ever stops at one of the 14,000 islands on Lake of the Woods to take a swim or explore. I didn't have to say much more, when he yelled to his pops that we were all headed to the island. Dewey was out of his comfort zone -as was Jack. As the two of them tinkered on the boats we all jumped out and explored, swam and collected treasures like rocks and drift wood. Dewey says I tend to get him out of his box - he likes that- a little

The only thing Dewey wants us for us to enjoy this sport as much as he 'catch the big one' I tell him that I caught the big one when I caught him :)

We saw the most beautiful wild life. It started with my run in with a black bear. We had just arrived at the cabin and the guys were cooking there catch of the day, I took a little walk around the camp, taking pictures of flowers and trees and there he was the cutest little bear ever. I took out my camera focused in on him (asking him to wait right there for the perfect shot) he walked away a few steps then returned to pose for another photo. That made my week.

We fished our limit daily and ate our weight in fish nightly. The view was fantastic. My favorite evening was when Dewey and I cruised out on the lake to watch the sunset, a beautiful pink sky as the sun set on the horizon. Our last day out on the lake we saw an eagle , a glorious huge eagle swoop down by our boat and grab a fish.

Dewey has a wonderful family and he is a great captain for our boat. All he wants is for his family to have fun, catch fish and enjoy there time at the cabin. We sure did!

Thanks Dewey
Love ya baby, Jen

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