Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby come home

I went to Washington DC for work. December 9-14 This was my 5th trip in 7 months. I may have not mentioned this yet but I went to Dallas, Boston, Seattle , back to Boston and now DC. Not easy with a family well ..easier with having Dewey who is a wonderful husband and friend and partner. Dewey held down the fort- running kids, doing homework, making supper,changing the laundry, shoveling snow and staying up until the girls came home - "thats what a guy does for his girls" (Dewey's famous line)and he even had time to go ice fishing.

Dewey and I met up at the Raddison hotel on December 14th when my plane was canceled from Mpls to Duluth due to 70 mile an hour winds, snow and ice. I grabbed a shuttle form Minneapolis airport and had a ride of my life with a great guy named Dave who drove through the storm along with seven others trying to make it back home. Dewey was coming from Whiteface after fishing with his dad and buddies.

We went home in the storm...huddle together, talked about our week. It is such a wonderful blessing to come home to a warm home, a fantastic husband and awesome kids. I need nothing else.
Oh, I just received an email from our pastor inviting me to a mission trip to Nice, France this spring. ......Baby oh Baby, come home!


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